How to reset spectrum router to default settings?

Connecting to the internet through whatever devices you want to is possible thanks to Routers and modems available to us. Many internet service providers are out there to provide you with routers and modem. Spectrum is the one.

Is Resetting Spectrum Router your final decision?

Spectrum internet service provider is known for its service of faster WI-FI connection at home and work. However, not all the time that any device works at its full capability and its function may sometimes fails. In case, you find a moment where your Spectrum router is not working, causing your problems with effective internet connection, one of the solutions you should look through is to reset it.

We will guide you how you to reset spectrum router to the default settings. But, we warn you that the resetting process will lead you losing any custom settings, passwords, usernames, and IP addresses. You can use rebooting the router option instead if you do not want to alter those settings. However, before doing any of the two, here are some common checks that Spectrum always urges their customers to do:

  • File-sharing platforms such as Bit Torrent huge large amount of data and can lead to the slow connection speeds,
  • Virus/Adware/Malware infections can another problematic why you encountering the issue,
  • Firewalls always monitor all the network traffic on your system. so, it might strict the internet speed to low. Check it,
  • Power outage in your area could be the reason for slow internet,
  • System Memory might use huge resources. You should close any unnecessary programs and consider upgrading the RAM, if possible to enhance system performance.

How to reset spectrum to default settings

  • Firstly, disconnect your router from the main power source and leave it for sometimes,
  • Plug-in it back and leave it for two minutes,
  • Double-check the devices the then, If all done.


  • Sign in to the,
  • Go to the Internet sub tab,
  • Now, select Experiencing Issues next to your router,
  • Finally, click on Reset Equipment option.

There is Spectrum app available that you can use to reset the router. Download it on your system and upon successful installation, click on the Spectrum icon to launch it. Go to the Services section and choose Internet. Click on Router and go with the Restart Equipment option. Finally, click on Restart button to finalize the process.


That’s it! These are the methods how to reset spectrum router. Which of the three methods above you think the best? Which option you will choose for resetting your Spectrum Router? We are curious to know and so please let us know through the comment section below.