How to Fix Blink Cameras not working after update [Steps]

What is ‘Blink Cameras not working’ issue?

In this post, we are going to discuss on How to fix Blink Cameras not working, Blink Cameras not working after update. You will be guided with easy steps/methods to resolve the issue. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Blink Cameras’: Blink Cameras offers you to remotely access your cameras’ footage straight from your phone using ‘Live View Mode’. Blink Camera can be linked to Blink Home Monitor and it allows you to stream Live View video and audio feed. Devices like Alexa can access Live View using Voice Commands. If you are not aware, Live View is one of the most useful features of any camera.

Live View options can be accessed just by pressing ‘Live View’ icon for the associated camera. If your Blink Camera Live View is not showing up or failing, it could be the result of several different factors including poor wireless connection, poor WiFi coverage, or cameras being far away from Sync Module. Sometimes, Blink Cameras not working issue is appeared with some error message like ‘Camera Busy’, ‘Thumbnail Failed’, ‘Live View Failed’ or other errors.

These Blink Cameras errors or Blink Cameras not working issue indicates Blink’s batteries are dead or that your internet is down at home. Some users reported that they faced Blink Cameras not working after update. The possible reasons behind the issue can be the temporary issues with Blink Cameras or Sync Module, poor internet/network connection, and other issues. It is possible to fix the issue with our instructions. Let’s go for the solution.

How to fix Blink Cameras not working issue?

Method 1: Check the LED Indicator Light

You should make sure the color of your device LED Indicator is not RED. If it is red, the device is having connection issues. You should log into your Blink App and go to ‘’ page to check on signal of  your device. If it has anything less than three signal bars, Blink will run into connection issues more often. However, if you see Solid Blue Color light on your LED Indicator, the camera is currently recording footage.

Method 2: Power Cycle your Sync Module

One possible way to fix the issue is to power cycle your device to force the sync module to reconnect to WiFi. This will restart your Blink. To do so, you need to unplug the Sync Module from outlet and wait for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back into the wall. You want to remove the batteries during this time, and after that, put the batteries back it and plug sync module back to outlet. Now, turn ON your device and wait your device to turn LED Indicator into Green or Blue, and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Resetting the Blink Cameras and Sync Module

If the issue is still persist, you can fix the issue by performing Blink Cameras reset and Sync Module reset operation. To do so, you need find ‘Reset’ button on your Blink Camera and using paperclip or pencil to press in ‘Reset’ button for at least 10 seconds. The LED lights should start blinking RED, indicating that the device has been completely reset. Now, you will need to reconnect the device and Sync Module to your app and WiFi and check if it works for you.

Method 4: Reset the WiFi router

This issue can be occurred due to some issue with your WiFi Router. You can perform WiFi router reset in order to fix. To do so, you need to press ‘Reset’ button on router using a sharp object and hold the Reset button for about 10 seconds and once resetting is finished, try to reconnect your camera and sync module and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 5: Try Another Power Source

You can also try to fix the issue by trying another power source. To do so, you need to remove batteries, and connect a micro USB cable and USB power adapter to your camera. This will allow your camera to run witho0ut any batteries, and then check if it works for you.


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