How to unlock iPhone with your voice?

To unlock your iPhone, you use Face ID, Touch ID or enter correct passcode. In addition to these, you have an option to unlock iphone with your voice. For that, you have to setup the voice command from the Voice Control Feature and then say a phrase that you will use later on to unlock your iphone.

In this article, we will provide you detailed guide how you can do that. We will talk about its benefits and drawbacks. Also, include steps to how you can stop using the voice to unlock your iPhone that you might have the choice after knowing the drawbacks.

Voice Control that provides you different accessibility feature such as to launch apps, edit texts, adjust volume and carry different pre-saved gestures. Numerous actions you can perform using the Voice Control and one such actions is unlocking your device.

What actually happens when you set up the finger print gesture? It acts as a command that pretends you tap on certain places on your iPhone where the passcode digits are. In other word, it works as a robot that taps on the iphone screen, triggering the correct password to be entered.

This is what exactly you have to do with your voice. You have to set a voice phrase that will act as passcode digits to unlock your iPhone. Below, you will find complete methods how to setup the voice command and how to unlock iPhone with your voice.

 How to setup the voice command

Firstly, make ensure you are using 4-digit passcode or otherwise you will face difficulties in creating the voice command. Another thing you should make ensure is to turn off the face unlock as it will slower the voice unlock. After doing that, here are the initial steps that you have to follow to setup voice unlock on iPhone with Home button and Face ID:

  • Open Settings and go to the Accessibility tab,
  • Click on Voice Control and enable it on the next screen,
  • Now, you are seeing a blue microphone at the top of the screen,
  • If you never use this feature before, click on Setup Voice Control and follow on-screen instructions,
  • Click on the Customize Commands and select Create New Command,
  • Type the voice phrase you want to use to unlock your iphone,
  • Now, click on Action> Run Custom Gesture,
  • The new Gesture will be on-screen.

Now, depend on which iphone version you are using such as iPhone with Home button or iphone with Face ID, the rest of the methods you have to follow are different:

For iphone with Home button

  • Now, tap on the exact area where you think that your passcode keys would be,
  • Click on Save option when done,
  • Confirm with clicking ‘Save’ button.

For iPhone with Face ID

  • Click on Hide Controls option to enter the full-screen mode,
  • Swipe up the bottom screen and you will see the password screen,
  • Tap on the areas where you think your passwords keys are,
  • Click on Save button,
  • Go back and click on ‘Save’ button again.

How to unlock iphone with your voice?

On iPhone with Home button – Click on Home button and on the passcode screen appears, speak out the custom Voice Control command phrase.

On iPhone with Face ID – Say “Hey Siri” or use the Raise to Wake to light up the iphone screen and speak Custom Voice Control phrase. It will take you to the passcode screen where you can tap your passcodes to unlock your iphone.

Take a look the drawbacks of using voice unlock

 Certainly, this feature is very good. You can unlock your phone with voice when you are wearing a mask or the Face ID is paining, but these are the reasons why you should not have this choice:

  • It is not secure. Anyone nearby can hear your phrase. The Voice Control does not have the voice reorganization,
  • You will still have to click on Home button to see your password screen or wait for the Hey Siri screen to goes away,
  • The entire process is quite slow as compare to manually entering a passcode,
  • If face ID is set, it will unlock your device even before you get the option to unlock it using phrase,
  • Voice Control uses more battery,
  • iPhone heats up significantly when this feature is enabled.

After reading the above drawbacks of unlocking iphone with your voice, if you want to stop using voice to unlock your iphone, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Settings> Accessibility> Voice Control,
  • Turn off Voice Control.

 Alternatively, you can delete the commands entirely. For that, go to the Settings> Accessibility> Voice Control and then tap on Customize Commands> Custom. Click on the command name you create, click on Edit option and then on Delete Command. Finally, confirm your action.


That’s all! We have provided complete guide how to unlock iphone with your voice. We  have also discussed what are the drawbacks of using this feature and the method how to stop unlocking iPhone with voice. Please tell us, how this article helpful for you.