How to Fix Xbox error code 0x800704CF [Easy Guide]

What is ‘Xbox error code 0x800704CF’?

If you are experiencing ‘Xbox error code 0x800704CF’ while trying to sign in to Xbox account or install a PC game on Xbox, then you are in right place for the solution. Here, you will be guided with easy steps/methods to resolve this error. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Xbox error code 0x800704CF’: Xbox is video game-brand developed and owned by Microsoft Corporation. This video game console is known for providing one of the best gaming experiences. However, several users reported that they faced ‘Error code 0x800704CF’ on Xbox while they tried to sign into their Xbox Account or install a PC game. The error message is appeared with title ‘You’ll need the internet for this’ and saying you need to connect your Xbox to internet for this. Let’s take a look at error message.

“You’ll need the internet for this. It doesn’t look like you’re connected to the internet. Please check your connection and try again. 0x800704CF”

This Xbox error indicates that your Xbox device is not connected to internet properly. This error is occurred possibly due to some problem with your internet connection. You should make sure that there is not issue with internet connection and its speed. Poor internet connection could be reason behind this error. You can fix internet connection issue by restarting/resetting your router or other networking equipments you are using for internet connection.

Another possible reason behind Xbox error code 0x800704CF can be issue with your MAC address, problematic your local network data, and other reasons. However, it is possible to fix this issue with our instructions. Let’s go for the solution.

How to fix Xbox error code 0x800704CF?

Method 1: Fix Windows PC problems with ‘PC Repair Tool’

If you are facing any troubles or errors in Windows computer, then you can fix the issue with ‘PC Repair Tool’. This software offers you to find and fix BSOD errors, EXE errors, problems with programs/applications, DLL errors, malware or viruses issues, system files or registry issues, and other system issues with just few clicks. You can get this tool through button/link below.

Method 2: Check Xbox Service Status

Sometimes, this type of error can be occurred if Xbox Services are not running or is down temporarily for some reasons. You can check if Xbox services are up and running through ‘Xbox Live Services Status (official)’ page or via ‘’ page. If the services status shows ‘All services up and running’ with green ‘tick mark’, then there is no issue with Xbox services. If there is some issue with Xbox services, then you will need to wait until the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Clear Xbox’s local storage

One possible way to fix this error is to delete your local storage data on your Xbox temporarily. And once resolved, you can re-sign into your Xbox account and it will sync in your data again.

Step 1: On Xbox console, navigate to ‘Settings’ on top-left cornet and select ‘All Settings > System > Storage’

Step 2: Find and click on ‘Clear Local Xbox Storage’ option and restart the game.

Step 3: Once done, try connecting Xbox to internet and sign into your Xbox account, and check if the error is resolved.

Method 4: Clear your Xbox’ Mac address

MAC address (Media Access Control) address is identifier unique to your network controller which meant to facilitate communication. You can clear your MAC address and restart your console in order to fix the issue.

Step 1: On Xbox console, go to ‘Settings > General Settings > network Settings > Advanced Settings’

Step 2: Select ‘Alternate MAC Address’, and it will ask you to select either manually input MAC address or clear it. Now, select ‘Clear’ option and confirm clearing MAC Address

Step 3: Once done, restart your Xbox console and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 5: Check for Xbox console updates

One possible way to fix the issue is to update Xbox console’s firmware and software to latest available build.

Step 1: On Xbox console, go to ‘Profile & System > Settings > System’

Step 2:  Select ‘Updates’ option in left pane and check if there are any updates for Xbox console. If available, install the updates and then restart Xbox console to see the changes.

Method 6: Perform Xbox console reset

If the problem is still persist, then you can try to fix the issue by performing Xbox console reset without deleting apps or games.

Step 1: On Xbox console, open ‘Guide’ and go to ‘System > Settings > System > Console info’

Step 2: Select ‘Reset console’ option > select ‘keeps and games’ option and then proceed.

Step 3: One done, restart your Xbox console and check if the error code 0x800704CF in Xbox is resolved.

Method 7: Check your internet connection

One possible reason behind this error can be problem with your internet connection. You should make sure that there is no issue with your internet connection and its speed. If you are using wireless internet connection, then you can try switching to Ethernet cable connection (wired) in order to fix the network issue. You can also fix any temporary glitch in your router/modem by restarting your router, power cycle your router or perform router reset to factory default. This way, you can fix issues with your networking equipments and resolve network issue with Xbox console as well.


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