How to fix verification failed error connecting to apple id server error?

Most recently, many Apple users reported a problem that when they update their iphones to iOS 9 and try signing in to iCloud and restore from their backups, their iphone shows verification failed error connecting to apple id server error message.

This is the not the problem that they face due to forgotten/ wrong password. Even those users whose log-in credentials are 100% accurate can receive this error when they try to sign-in to iCloud. Fortunately, the fixes for this issue is available. Here these are:

Possible fixes for verification failed error connecting to apple id server

Method 1: Update Time and Date

Make sure the Time and Date are correct on your iphone. Go to the Setting> General> Date & Time. Turn the Set Automatically toggle ON and choose the right-time zone for your Apple iphone. if the problem continues, move to the second solution.

Fix 2: Sign-out from iTunes and App Store

Sign-out from iTunes & App Store and sign-in back again and try logging to iCloud the then to see if you are successfully logging-in to the iCloud without verification failed error connecting to apple id server error shown;

  • Open Settings and click on iTunes & App Stores,
  • Tap on your Apple ID and choose sign-out option,
  • Sign-in back and try signing in to your iCLoud and see if this works.

Fix 3: Use WI-FI connection

Many users experiencing the issue reported getting the error fix by switching from their 3G/4G data to WI-FI. If you are using VPN, we recommend you turn it off and then try logging into your iCLoud account. You most probably won’t see the problematic error.

Fix 4: Log-out and Log-in back to your WI-FI

If the previous method didn’t provide you the solution, try this:

  • Open Settings and choose WIFI,
  • Now, tap on info button next to your WIFI and tap Forget This Network,
  • Select forget,
  • Turn off the WIFI and turn it back after a couple of minute,
  • Tap on the same network and type the password and log-in.

Fix 5: Reset Network Settings

Completely reset the device’s settings if the issue continues:

  • Go to the Settings and click on General,
  • Scroll down to go to the Reset section,
  • Choose Reset Network Settings,
  • Give your accent to reset network settings on the pop-up shown.

Fix 6: Change your Apple ID password

The verification failed error connecting to apple id server error could be because an old password of your Apple ID as it is not Apple’s recommendation for the strength:

  • On the official Apple ID page, click on Manager your Apple ID and sign-in with your account,
  • Enter your Apple account credentials to log-in,
  • Go to the Password and Security and answer your security questions to verify your account,
  • Now, click on Change Password,
  • In the opened page, enter the old password and choose a new one,
  • Update the password on your device and check then if you are now successfully login to your iCLoud account.

Fix 7: Use Verification code

Your iphone might not be properly signed in with your Apple ID due to which you are receiving the issue. In that case, you need to use a verification code to confirm your log-in. For that:

  • Sign-in with your Apple ID on any other device,
  • Go to the Settings and tap on iCloud,
  • Select Password and Security and then click Generate Verification Code,
  • Enter the verification code on your device with the error to fix the issue.

Fix 8: Force Restart your iphone

If nothing works, try force restarting your device. The method will be depend on iPhone model you are using. For example, in iPhone 6S/6S plus or below, you need to press and hold power and home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. The iPhone 7/7 Plus users need to push and hold both Volume Down and Power button and keep them pressed at least 10 seconds to receive Apple logo on the screen.


That’s all! We hope the above mentioned tips to fix verification failed error connecting to apple id server error really help you. If there are any queries regarding the steps provided in any of the prescribed methods, you can take an additional help from us from the comment section below.