How to fix memory_corruption bsod windows 11?

Don’t be panic if received memory_corruption bsod windows 11. BSOD is a Windows process that prevents the system from being further damaged. There might be some issue causing the trouble and you can get rid of it automatically just by a simple restart.

However, upon restart, if the problem continues, this means that you have to check out the fix manually. The problem could be incompatible software, malware infection or other that is causing the issue. We have suggested you some best-to-do methods that would help you in resolving the problem. Check below.

Fix the problem using automatic PC Repair Tool

This software can repair any Windows related problem by replacing the problematic system files with the one working. It also keeps you away from critical data loss, hardware problems, as well as repairs the damages caused by malware and viruses. You can fix memory_corruption bsod windows 11 issues in just three steps:

  • Download PC Repair Tool from here,
  • Click Start Scan button after launching the app to check out the existing issues,
  • Finally, click on the Repair All button so that it would take necessary actions to fix issues affecting the system’s security and performance.

If you have already decided not to use any additional tool and want manual fixes to resolve the problem, here are some best possible fixes that you can try to deal with the situation and reverse back the condition of your Windows system likely previously before there were no such issues.

Possible fixes for memory_corruption bsod windows 11

Fix 1: Check for Windows Update

Outdated Windows version runs with various bugs/ flaws that cause numerous issues with system’s performance. So, before doing anything else, make sure that if you are using the current version for windows on your PC:

  • Press Win + R, type in Control Update and hit Enter,
  • In the opened Windows Update, click on Check for Update,
  • If there is update available, download and install it and then restart your device.

Fix 2: Perform SFC scan

 The reason why you are experiencing memory_corruption bsod windows 11 could be that the system files are corrupted. Don’t worry! There is a built-in SFC scanner available for you to repair system files on Windows. Here are the required steps:

  • Search for cmd on the Windows Search,
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator,
  • On the command line, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter,
  • Wait for the tool to check for the corrupted files and repair them,
  • Once done, restart the device and see the changes.

Fix 3: Run Troubleshooter

Run Windows Troubleshooter if the problem persists:

  • Click on the Windows logo icon on the Taskbar to open Windows Search,
  • Type in Troubleshoot, select Troubleshoot settings or click on Open option,
  • If you can’t see ‘Recommended troubleshooters’, select ‘Other troubleshooters’,
  • Scroll down to find Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, and click on Run to launch,
  • Wait for the scanning report on the screen.

Fix 4: Check for computer for memory problems

If problem still occurs, you should check for the RAM related problem. Windows Memory Diagnostic tool is a Windows built-in tool to perform this action:

  • On the Windows Search, type Memory and hit Enter,
  • Click on Windows Memory Diagnostic and select Run as Administrator,
  • Now, select Restart now and check problems (recommended) to check your system for memory problems.

Fix 5: Check if disks are faulty

You can look for the disk error using the method below:

  • Press Win + E to open File Explorer,
  • Locate This PC and click on it,
  • Right-click on system main drive, which is usually C: and go to its properties,
  • Click on Tool and then select Check,
  • Select Scan Drive and wait for the scan results for errors,
  • Follow the system prompts to fix the problem.

Fix 6: Scan for malware

Malware infections can sometimes cause memory_corruption bsod windows 11. You should run full system scan to check for system infection and remove the possible malware:

  • On the Windows Search, type Windows Security and click on the matched result,
  • Go to the Security at a glance and click Virus & threat protection,
  • Ignore Quick scan and instead choose Scan options,
  • Select Microsoft Defender offline scan and select Scan now,
  • Wait now, the entire process may take 15 minutes or long,
  • Once finished, restart your device and check if the problem persists.

Fix 7: Uninstall the latest update

If problem starts to occur after the Windows update you recently performed, it is likely that the update is faulty and you need to uninstall the update to fix the issue:

  • Press Win + I to open Settings,
  • Select Windows Update and then click on Update history,
  • Under it, find and select Uninstall updates,
  • Right-click on recent updates installed before the system experiencing such BSOD and select Uninstall.

Fix 8: Update drivers

Some of the users disclosed that Realtek Wireless USB 2.0 adapter driver is responsible for memory_corruption bsod windows 11. If this is so, here is how you can update it to resolve the issue:

  • Press Win + R, type in devmgmt.msc and hit Enter,
  • Go to the Network adapters, right-click on Realtek device and select Uninstall device,
  • Choose Uninstall on the next window to confirm the action,
  • Restart the device so that the driver is automatically installed,

If not so, you can go to the manufacturer’s website to download and install the latest driver version. Alternatively, you can use automatic driver updating tool to download and install the latest driver version of the adapter within the system. Here is its direct download link.


That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for memory_corruption bsod windows 11. Hope so, these methods are really helpful in getting the required fix. Don’t forget to share any other method, in case you found another way.