How to fix lag on pc games windows 10/11?

Many people who upgrade their Windows to higher OS versions such from Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 or Windows 10 to Windows 11 have reported that they got random stutter where their FPS went from 300+ down to 30 or lower.

This made every gamer understandable because it goes beyond what the Microsoft claims that the update brings improvement of the game performance to the new level. There are certain issues that cause this type of issue that the tech support provides the fix with further OS update with big fixes.

But, until then even, if you are experiencing the performance down in the FPS while playing your favorite game, there are certain things that you can do to improve the FPS count. We recommend follow this article how to fix lags on PC games Windows 10/ 11.

What causes lags on PC games?

On investigating various instances that might cause the frame drops on Windows 10/ 1. We have prepared a list of possible culprits that you can find below:

  • Game DVR Interference – Game DVR utilizes maximum system resources. So, if you are using the device which does not have a lot of system resources, you might probably see the FPS count drop issue. You will have to do a few registry tweaks in this case to disable the DVR interference.
  • Outdated/ Missing drivers – if you migrated from previous Windows versions, there is a big chance that most of the utility drivers that are carried over even though there r have a new equivalent in the upgraded Windows version. You have to force-install the new drivers in that case.
  • Outdated/ Corrupted Graphic derivers – Check your GPU driver and the physical driver. It is uncommon to experience the FPS drop issue because of outdated or corrupted driver. Use the dedicated updating utility according to your GPU manufacturer.
  • Mouse Pooling late is 1000Hz or higher – You have to lower the mouse pooling rate to 500Hz in this case. There is no other option you have. We are waiting for the Microsoft to fix the issue where the Windows found struggle in keeping up with the frame rate regardless of how strong the PC configuration is.

Fixes for performance drop of FPS during game play

Now that, we are familiar with the scenarios what cause the lags on PC games windows 10/ 11 and in the position to learn about the possible fixes. Without wasting your time, here are with our different solutions to improve the frame count while playing games on Windows 11.

Solution 1: Disable Game DVR

If you are experiencing frame-dropping issue, the Game DVR should be the major suspect. Game DVR requires high amount of system resources and thus, if you are using a low-to-mid tier PC and do not care about the game recording, just disable this feature:

  • Press Win+ R, type in regedit and then press Ctrl+ Shift + Enter to open Registry Editor,
  • If UAC pop-up window appears, confirm with Yes,
  • Once inside the Registry Editor Window, type in the following command and hit Enter:


  • On the opened window, select GameConfigstore and then move to the right and double-click the GameDVR_Enabled key,
  • Go to the Edit screen menu of the GameDVR_Enabled, se the Base to Hexadecimal and value data to 0 so as to enable the main component of the Game DVR,
  • Click OK to confirm the changes and there upon, inside the same GameConfigStore registry key,double-click on the GameDVR_FSEBehaviourMode and set the Base to Hexadecimal and the value data to 2 and confirm these changes too,
  • Thereafter, use the same Registry Editor interface to navigate the below address:


  • Once onto the correct location, select the AllowGameDVR in the left bar and double-click on the value DWORD from the right, set the base value to Hexadecimal and change the value data to O and save these changes,
  • After successfully doing such modifications from the Registry Editor, close the utility and reboot your device and see now the problem is gone.

Solution 2: Update Audio, Network and USB drivers

If the previous method does not work, you should consider updating the utility driver. Windows update does these drivers update tool automatically, but sometimes there occur problems in the process. You can handle the updates yourself:

  • Press Win+ R to open Run,
  • Type in devmgmt.msc and hit Enter,
  • On receiving UAC prompt, click Yes to open Device Manager utility with admin access,
  • Under this window, expand Audio, right click on Audio device and click Update driver option,
  • Click on Search automatically for drivers and wait till the driver scan is complete,
  • Once after the Audio driver update, perform the same action for Network Adapter to update Network Adapter driver,
  • Then, go ahead and update all the driver of every device under the USB connector Managers,
  • Restart the device after completing the updating process and launch the game again to see if you are still experiencing the FPS drop or the issue has been fixed.

Solution 3: update GPU and Physical driver

If you are still encountering the lag on PC games Windows 10/ 11, double-check and make ensure your PC meets the minimum requirement to run the game, if there is no issue in that part, the next thing to consider is to make ensure if your GPU drivers are updated.

It is uncommon to see the Windows 10/11 unexpected FPS drops because you are using graphics and physical drivers migrated from older versions. So, uninstall and re-install the current GPU drivers and physical modules, if you find yourself in this scenario. Install the newer equivalent available if nothing works.

The below mentioned tool helps you with automatic downloading/ installation of any drivers within your system, irrespective of which manufacturer’s drivers you are using and what is your system specs. Feel free to use the tool to get the best result.

Solution 4: lower the mouse pooling rate

This is the case specially observed with Windows 11 system. The Windows 11 OS does not support when the mouse pooling/ response rate is set to 1000Hz or higher and become the major source for the FPS down during game play.

Until we have the official fix for the issue, the affected users can lower the pooling rate to 500Hz to remove the issue completely. The required steps depend on the type of mouse you are using. Vast majority of mouse have a dedicated utility to perform the said action.


If none of the above methods provide the fix for you, make ensure you use PC Repair Tool, an automatic tool to check for any PC related issues. It might find and delete the problematic issue and provide you an automatic fix for lag on PC games Windows 10/11. Below is its direct download link.