How to fix Gaming features aren’t available for Windows desktop issue?

Recently, I observed that the record option is not available on my Xbox Game Bar after while when I recorded my screen and tried to open it. I could not understand what the reason is. Please, help me to resolve the issue.

In Windows 10/ 11, you will find built in gaming overlay in the form of Xbox Game Bar by which you can capture game clips, take screenshots, monitor and manage performance and communicate with your friends while playing the game and so on. To access it, use the shortcut Windows + G.

Game Bar- screen capturing one is yet another feature that the users enjoy in this platform. But, several users have reported on difficulties with this particular function. According to them, when they open the Game Bar and want to click on the record button, they find that it is grey, which means it is currently not available.

There are various reasons possible why the Gaming features aren’t available for Windows desktop. These could be missing Windows Updates, disabled Game Mode and Game DVR. Below, we have listed out the best possible troubleshooting solutions for you to resolve the problem.

You might find the manual removal fixes lengthy process and you can try scanning your system using PC Repair Tool. This is a powerful tool to check for various system errors, BSODs, corrupted files and registry issues. Here is its direct download link:

Manual fixes for Gaming features aren’t available for Windows desktop

Fix 1: Check for available update

  • Right-click on Start button and click on Settings,
  • Go to Update & Security and then click Check for Updates option,

  • Click on View Optional Updates,
  • Select everything you want and then click on Download and Install.

Fix 2: Add Windows Media Pack

  • Go to the Windows Media pack official page,
  • Click on the Download button,

  • Select the installation pack for either 32-or 64 bit Windows and then hit Next,
  • Open the installer and install the Media Pack.

Fix 3: Check if Game DVR is enabled

  • From the Game Bar Settings, select Capturing tab,
  • Toggle the option Record in the background while I’m playing a game,

  • That’s it! Check now if Gaming features aren’t available for Windows desktop error is still available.

Fix 4: Turn on Game Mode

  • Click on Gaming on Windows Settings,
  • Now, go to game Mode,
  • Finally, turn the toggle for Game Mode on and see if this fixes the problem.

Fix 5: Open Game Bar from Windows Store

  • Open the Game Bar from Windows Store,
  • Make sure that the recording option is activated,

  • Now, click on the screen to hide the Game bar tools,
  • Navigate to the Windows now that you want to capture,
  • Press Win+ G to restart Game Bar and make your video.

Fix 6: Reinstall Xbox Game Bar

If nothing works and you still receive Gaming features aren’t available for Windows desktop error, make sure you uninstall and reinstall Xbox Game Bar:

  • Press Win+ X, click on PowerShell and run it as Administrator,
  • Copy-paste the below commands and hit Enter:

get-appxpackage *Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay* | remove-appxpackage

  • Visit the Microsoft Office page and download Xbox Game Bar afresh.

That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for Gaming features aren’t available for Windows desktop. The best option is to use the recommended automatic Windows Repair Tool to get the easy and automatic fix. Comment down below in case of an queries related to the post.