How to fix Cannot Change the Display Language Windows 11 issue?

Microsoft allows Windows users to change the text display language on their operating system. This feature is useful for the users to use the system in multi-languages. At the same time, it is good for the users who want to try out a different language or switch to one another.

In Windows 11, there is a setting included in it by tweaking which you will be use the different language. Also, you can add more options so that you can switch with each and get a multilingual experience. However, it may sometimes happen that you can’t change the display language.

Many users reported about Cannot Change the Display Language Windows 11. They said they see the language change but the Windows still display the same that they originally had on their system even after the reboot.

Before, we move and talk about various issues that could cause the problem and what are the methods to resolve them, make sure that you are using the right steps to change the display language in Windows 11 system:

  • Press Win+ I to open Settings,
  • Navigate to Time & language> Language & Region,
  • Click on Add a language,
  • Search for the desired language, click on it and then select Next option,
  • Check the box Set as my Windows display language and finally click Ok button.

 If you are sure that you are performing the right steps and even then you find this “cannot change the Display Language Windows 11”, then these are the possible reasons:

  • You don’t have Administrator Privileges – make sure you are not logging as guest as you will not be able to make any changes the then. You should need to sign in to your Microsoft account at first to conduct any changes,
  • Enable additional languages for your country/region – you can change the display languages in Windows 11 if you have set multiple languages for your country or region before,
  • Download and install the language pack – You should download and install language packages that contain several languages that you can choose from. Without that, you would be able to access only to the default language on your system.

As we are now familiar with the issue and understand the reasons responsible for the said problem, we are in the position now to discuss its fixes. Below, we have provided the possible fixes that you should try to get rid of the issue.

Possible fixes for Cannot Change the Display Language Windows 11

Fix 1: Install the language pack

  • Press Win+ I to open Settings,
  • Click on Time & Langauge,
  • Select Language & Region,
  • Click on Add a Language,
  • Select your preferred language and click on Next,
  • Now, click on the box that says Set as my Windows display language and hit Install,
  • Restart your PC now for the changes to take effect.

Fix 2: Needed changes to the Region Settings

  • Open Language and Region page from the steps before,
  • Under Country and Region, update your location,
  • Go back to the Administrative language settings,
  • Click on Change system locale and hit Ok button,
  • Specify your language and check the Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support and then hit Ok button,
  • Restart your PC and check the next if “Cannot Change the Display Language Windows 11” issue is resolved.

Fix 3: Disable sync for language settings

  • Press Win+ I to open Settings,
  • Click on Accounts,
  • Select Windows Backup on the right and make sure that the toggle for Remember my preferences is ON,
  • Clear the language preferences and try with changing your display language now. Hope so, you will be able to do so.

That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for Cannot Change the Display Language Windows 11. Hope so, these fixes would help you in resolving the issue. If the problem continues, make sure that certain Windows related issues are not causing the problem.

You can use PC Repair Tool – an automatic tool to check for Windows related issues and provide their automatic repair. It works best in case of problems occur due to system files corruption. Here is its direct download link.