How to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook in Windows 10?

In this article, we will guide you how easily you can add Microsoft Teams to Outlook in Windows. It will provide an online space for your Outlook meetings. The instructions within will be helpful for Outlook 2016 and 2019 and the current Office 365 version on Windows and macOS.

Method to install the Team Add-in in Microsoft Outlook

To add Teams feature on Outlook, you would require an Add-in. However, both the Teams and Outlook are Microsoft products and therefore you install both the programs to use them together. You should however make ensure that you close and restart the app that you installed at first before the launch of the second so that the Add-in can be picked during the launch.

Note: there, you should remember that you should be a member of the same organization or team. For example, if you are Office 365 user and have a Teams account through your employer, you can see the status of your other colleagues but you might not be able to see the status of those outside the company, unless and until they collaborate in the Team together.

Tips to use Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

The Team Add-in adds numerous useful features for your Outlook. For example, you would be able to see the Team status of contacts Teams status as a part of avatars. A badge that you see at the right of the picture on the contact and its color mirror their status in Teams.

The Green color there signifies about availability while read means currently in meeting. If the color alone is not enough, you can move your mouse over the badge to get a tooltip of the precise status. On hovering mouse over contact’s picture and avatars, you will pop-up with their information like title or email.

The Avatars there on the pop-up will help you in making audio calls or text chats. Finally, you can add a dedicated Teams space for any created meeting on Outlook. For that, all that you need to do is to just click on the Teams Meeting buttons that appears in the Ribbon toolbar for new Meetings.

 The invitees will receive a link thereupon to join the meeting on their Teams device. Also, they will receive a notification as a dial-in number, in case the Microsoft account that you are using to receive teams subscribes to the voice service.

Check Teams Add-in on the Outlook

If you find that the feature is missing in the described last section, this indicates an issue with your Add-in. You can check it straightforward from the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the File tab on the Ribbon toolbar,

  • Select Options at the bottom of the menu on the left,

  • Click on Add-ins,

  • Go to the Disabled Application Add-ins section and make sure that the Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office is not listed there,

  • If it is, select Disabled Add-ins from the Manage dropdown,
  • Then, click on Go and find Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office in the next window appears,

  • Select Enable, and then click Close,

  • Restart Outlook now and you will see all great Teams Features the next time.

That’s all! We are now rounding off our guide how to add microsoft Teams to Outlook in Windows 10. Hope so, the provided method is helpful for you and you get what you are looking for. Below is the comment section provided for you as a way to establish communication in case of any questions, questions and suggestions. Please, drop you any queries there in.