How to fix Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected error in Avast?

Avast is a free browser add-on that provides protection from malicious and phishing websites and prevents potential intruders from accessing the data. It also checks for other add-ons in use. Certain users have reported about Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected Avast error and today we are going to discuss how to fix this issue.

The error message indicates that there is certain add-on within the browser which is causing the problematic. If you’ve downloaded certain browser extension, make sure you are using an reliable source. The antivirus might suspect on the download if the downloading source you use is not reliable.

In other case, this detection can be a result of false positive. We recommend you should use some other browser to confirm case. If the problem continues to occur, your web browser might be causing the problem and so you should replace it.

However, if you still want to use your Antivirus tool and do not want to change your web browser, here are some serious of solutions that you should try to resolve the problem. Remember that you may or may not get the quick fix in the very first attempt and so patiently apply for all the methods available:

Possible fixes for Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected error

Fix 1: Check the log file of Avast

If there is certain Add-ons detected by Avast, it should show it. You can find the problematic extension under its log file. Here are the complete steps regarding this:

  • On your drive, search for the below location:

C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast\report


C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\x64\DATAlog

  • Open the Log file and there you will find the problematic extension.

Fix 2: Disable rogue add-on

Many a user claims that they find the previous method not helpful. In that case, you can check for the rogue extension manually and remove them:

  • Open your browser,
  • From the browser’s menu, check for Extensions,

  • Locate the problematic extension and remove or disable them,
  • If you do not find, disable all the extensions,

  • Then, enable each of them manually one by one and see when Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected Avast reappears,
  • This way, you will manage to find the problematic extension and disable or remove it.

Fix 3: Disable browser cleanup feature

If the problem continues, you can use this as workaround. This is the method to disable the browser altogether. You should use this option only when you assure that there is no problematic add-on installed inside:

  • Open Avast and go to its Settings,
  • Click General and select Troubleshooting option,
  • Finally, click on the Browser cleanup feature.

If the problem remains, you should contact for the official support. Contact Avast support team and shares your problem. They will come up with the right solution for you. In the meanwhile, you should check and confirm if some PC related issues are not causing the trouble.

To deal with any PC related issues, we recommend you use automatic PC Repair Tool. This tool will work effectively in case of you are dealing the problem due to system files corruption, EXE/DLL file errors, problem related to registry and  even malware infection. Here is its direct downloading link.


That’s all! WE are now rounding off our discussion on how to fix Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected Avast. Hope so, these fixes are helpful for you in getting the required fix. Do not forget to share the post to your colleagues so that if they are also dealing with the same issue they get the right approach how to deal in this case.