How to fix Ticketmaster error code 0007 issue?

Many people have recently reported about Ticketmaster error code 0007 on various security forums, preventing them to buy a ticket for a show through Ticketmaster. All the times, they are greeted with the below message:

 Sorry, we could not process your request, please try again later. Error Code: 0007

The error is too frustrating. The fixes for this issue is available. We will discuss possible fixes that you should try to get the required fix. But, before proceeding with that, you should make sure that the Ticketmaster server is up and running, through Down Detector website.

Ticketmaster Error Code 007 is detail

Ticketmaster is platform released in 1976, allowing different organizers to sell their tickets online through this platform. It is well known for its simple and straightforward mythology offered to the users to buy a ticket.

This is what actually made it the world’s largest ticket marketplace and a global leader in the ticket products and services. Quite recently, there are many users reported about receiving an error message with Error Code 007 while purchasing the ticket, no matter whichever seat they are trying to purchase.

They end up receiving “Sorry, we could not process your request, please try again later. Error Code: 0007” error message on the screen. This error message indicates that the transaction process to book the ticket takes much longer time to complete.

This usually occurs because of corrupted cookies and caches of the web browsers. While these are small, if accumulated from longer time, there might be enough space within system used by them that have the direct impact to the system performance and speed.

This is why; you should clear the cookies and caches of your web browsers to get the required fix. Below, you will find complete step-by-step guide how you can perform this action on different web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Clear Cookies and Cache data of different browsers to get rid of Error 0007 Ticketmaster

The corrupted browsers’ cache and cookies is the major culprit why Ticketmaster error code 0007 issue occurs. Below are the methods how you can clear the browser caches and cookies on different browsers:

Clear Cookies and Cache on Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser,
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the right-top screen,
  • Find More Tools and Expand it,
  • Select Clear Browsing Data,
  • Click on Sign out and set the Time Range to All Time,
  • Mark selection to different check-boxes shown there,
  • Finally, click on Clear Data button,

  • Re-launch your browser.

Clear Cookies and Cache on Edge

  • Launch the browser and click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the window,
  • Open Settings and click on the Privacy, Search and Services tab,

  • On the right pane, open Choose What to Clear and then click on Sign out first,
  • Select the Time Range to All-Time and check all categories,

  • Click on the Clear Now button,
  • Re-launch Edge and check if Ticketmaster error code 0007 problem is resolved.

Clear Cookies and Cache on Firefox

  • Open browser, go to its menu and select Settings,
  • On the Privacy & Security panel, click Cookies and Site Data,
  • Then click Clear Data… button,
  • Tick-mark the Cookies and Site Data and Cache Web Content options and press Clear,

  • Re-open your browser and check if the problem continues.

Clear Cookies and Cache on Safari

  • Open the browser and click on History from the top,
  • Choose Clear History… option down below the menu,
  • Click on All history on the drop-down menu,

  • Click on the Clear History to confirm the action,
  • Close the browser and re-launch it. Check the then if the problem still appears.

 If Ticketmaster error code 0007 continues, you should use another web browser. If that also doesn’t provide the fix, you should look for the possible PC related issues. To deal with any such issues, you can use automatic PC Repair Tool to get automatic repair.


Now, we are rounding off our article. Hopefully, the solutions mentioned in this article help you in getting the fix for Ticketmaster error code 0007. We have provided to keep the steps very simple and easy to perform. Still, if you have any doubt in any steps, you can comment down below the comment section.