How to fix This App Does Not Support The Contract Specified Error?

Several users have reported about This App Does Not Support The Contract Specified Error after upgrading their operating system to Windows 10. If you are running in the same boat and encountering this problem, go through our troubleshooting solutions provided in this post and follow them to apply the fix.

Troubleshooting solutions for This App Does Not Support The Contract Specified Error

After upgrading to Windows 10, if you see some of the apps, if none of them, fail to start properly (either gets freezes or gives you a specific error message like Store failed with error: This application does not support the contact specified or is not installed and many others), follow solutions will help you in resolving the problem:

Solution 1: Perform Disk Cleanup

The trick is to clear the system’s cache. Disk Cleanup does this in the quickest way by scanning all your system’s hard drive for files. Here is how to perform Disk Cleanup:

  • Open This PC, right-click on the main partition and pick Properties option,
  • From the Properties window, click on Disk Cleanup,

  • Wait till the tool calculate how much space it could clean up,
  • In the new window appears, click on the files and folders you want to delete,
  • Hit Ok the then and wait for the process to complete.

Solution 2: Run SFC scan

This is to check the system files corruption. It will check for corrupted system files and repair them automatically:

  • From the Windows Search, type CMD,
  • Right-click on Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator,
  • In the Command Prompt Window, type the below command and hit Enter:

Sfc /.scannow

  • Close the process once executed,
  • Reboot the system next to this and check if your apps are functioning correctly now.

Solution 3: Check for problematic apps

Uninstall the app causing the problematic and install a fresh copy. There could be program specific issue that would go away automatically when you uninstall and reinstall it:

  • Open Apps and Features,
  • Search for the problematic app,
  • Click on it and select Uninstall option,
  • After its successful installation, visit Microsoft Store,
  • Search for the application you just deleted, click on install button,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process,
  • Reboot the system and check again if the app is working properly now.

Solution 4:  Show Hidden Files and Folders

  • Click on Start button,
  • Type Folder and select the File Explorer option,
  • From the View tab, locate Show hidden files, folders and drivers, and then click Apply,

  • Click OK now to close the window,
  • Next, click on This PC, double-click on the C: partition, where your Windows 10 programs are installed,
  • Go to the Program Files, select Microsoft Apps,
  • Right-click on this folder and pick Properties option,
  • From the Security tab, change the permissions for this folder to Administrator group,
  • Click Apply and confirm with OK button,
  • Reboot the system next and check with the next start if the problem is gone.

Solution 5: Run the Microsoft Store apps’ Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has a serious of dedicated troubleshooters to fix errors. Speaking of which you can use Microsoft 10 apps to quickly fix This App Does Not Support The Contract Specified Error:

  • Open Settings and click on Update & Security,
  • Select Troubleshoot> Microsoft Store Apps Troubleshooter,
  • Finally, click on Run the Troubleshooter option.

Solution 6: Update Microsoft Store apps

  • Open Microsoft Store,
  • Go to the Settings,
  • Select App Updates, and enable the feature that updates the apps automatically,
  • Go back to the three dot menu,
  • Select Download and Updates and update your apps,
  • Reboot your system next to this and check if the app starts working now.

Solution 7: Sync licenses

From Microsoft Store’s Settings, under the App updates, make sure you sync licenses. Close the Microsoft Store the then and try opening your again. This works for many of the users dealing with This App Does Not Support The Contract Specified Error.

Solution 8: Clear Microsoft Store Cache

The Microsoft store apps might not open after the upgrade that the cache got corrupted. Not to worry, there is a quick way to clear the store cache:

  • Press Win+ R to open Run Window,
  • Type in WSReset.exe and hit Enter,

  • Enter WSReset.exe command again,
  • Wait now till the reset is complete,
  • Microsoft Store will notify you on this with a pop-up window on the screen.

Solution 9: Disable your Antivirus/ Firewall/ VPN

Sometimes, the apps won’t open because of the interferences caused due to the overprotected antivirus/ firewall running within system. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by temporarily disabling these tools. If you are using VPN, you disable it as well and check if this brings any changes.

Solution 10: Reset your PC

If none of the methods work, and This App Does Not Support The Contract Specified Error persists, you should Reset your PC:

  • Open Settings and click on Update & Security,
  • From the Recovery option, select Reset This PC,
  • Click on WSReset.exe,
  • You can choose the option keep your files or remove them,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions the then to finish the reset process for your Windows 10 device.

If none of the methods work and you still notice that app won’t be working, make sure you use PC Repair Tool – an automatic tool to repair Windows related issues. It will scan the system for possible issues that are harder to locate and provide you the automatic fix for you.


This is all! These are the steps that you should follow to fix This App Does Not Support The Contract Specified Error and get your apps up and running in the Windows 10 OS. If you have additional questions regarding this, you can communicate us from the below comment section.