How to fix Outlook error code 0x8004060C in Windows 10 [Steps]

What is ‘Outlook error code 0x8004060C’ in Windows 10?

If you are experiencing ‘Outlook error code 0x8004060C’ error in your Windows 10 computer while trying to send or receive an email in Outlook, then you are in place for the solution. Here, you will be guided with easy steps/methods to resolve the error. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Microsoft Outlook’: Microsoft Outlook is personal information manager software from Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is available as part of Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook features email client, calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging and web browsing. Individuals can use Outlook as a stand-alone application and organisations can deploy it as multi-user software for such shared functions like mailboxes, calendars, folders, data aggregation, and appointment scheduling.

However, several Outlook users reported that they faced ‘Outlook error code 0x8004060C’ error while they tried to send and receive an email in Outlook or Microsoft Outlook. This Outlook error states the outlook data file becomes large-sized or corrupt that’s why you are receiving the error, and this is the one possible reason behind the issue. Let’s take a look at error message.

“Task ‘Microsoft Exchange Server – Sending’ reported error (0x8004060C): ‘The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select some items that you no longer need, and permanently delete them.”


Task ‘EMAIL ADDRESS’ – Sending and Receiving’ reported error (0x8004060C): ‘Unknown Error 0x8004060C’


“Task ‘Microsoft Exchange Server – Receiving’ reported error (0x8004060C): ‘Unknown Error 0x8004060C”

The error indicates that message store has reached has its maximum size and urges you to reduce the amout of data in this message store in order to fix the error. The error is also appeared with ‘Task ‘Microsoft Exchange Server – receiving’ reported error’ along with error code 0x8004060C. As mentioned, the possible reason behind the error can be the message store that has reached its maximum size. So, you can try to fix the issue by reducing the amount of data in message store. Let’s go for the solution.

How to fix Outlook error code 0x8004060C in Windows 10?

Method 1: Fix ‘Outlook error code 0x8004060C’ with ‘PC Repair Tool’

If this error is occurred due to some problems in your Windows computer, then you can try to fix the issue with ‘PC Repair Tool’. This software offers you to find and fix BSOD errors, EXE errors, DLL errors, problems with programs/applications, malware or viruses issues, system files or registry issues and other system issues with just few clicks.

Method 2: Empty the Deleted Items folder

 This issue can be occurred if ‘Deleted Items’ folder size has become large because you don’t regularly empty ‘Deleted Items’ folder in Outlook. You can fix the issue by empting the ‘Deleted Items’ folder in Outlook.

Step 1: Open ‘Outlook’ or ‘Microsoft Outlook’ in Windows 10 via Windows Search and click on ‘File Menu > Tools’

Step 2: Select ‘Empty Deleted Items Folder’ option from dropdown, and hit ‘Yes’ if asked for confirmation.

Configure Outlook to automatically empty the ‘Deleted Items’ folder:

Step 1: Open ‘Outlook’ and click on ‘Files > Options’ and in ‘Outlook Options’ page, click on ‘Advanced’

Step 2: Under ‘Outlook start and exit’ section, select ‘Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting outlook’ option and hit ‘OK’ button to save the changes.

Method 3: Compact Outlook data file

When you attempt to delete items from your Outlook mailbox, you may experience that PST file size isn’t reduced because the deleted data is replaced with white space, and you need to compact PST file in order to remove this white space and resolve the error.

Step 1: Open ‘Outlook’ in Windows 10 and go to ‘Files > Account Settings > Account Settings’

Step 2: In the opened window, click ‘Data Files’, select the Outlook data files that you want to compress and click ‘Settings’

Step 3: In ‘Outlook Data File’ window, click ‘Compact Now’. This will compact the file automatically. Once done, please check if the error is resolved.

Method 4: Cleanup of your mailbox

One possible way to fix the issue is to cleanup your mailbox in order to free up spaces.

Step 1: Open ‘Outlook’ in Windows 10 and click on ‘File Menu > Info’ and open ‘Tools’ menu in left pane

Step 2: Select ‘Mailbox Cleanup’ option, and select ‘File Items larger than’ and in the input field, select the appropriate value, then click ‘Find’ the application will find and list emails of size greater than value of selected by you.

Step 3: Once done, retry sending or receiving emails and check if the error is resolved.

Method 5: Archive unwanted emails

You can also try to fix the issue by reducing the size of your Outlook data file by archive old and unwanted emails.

Step 1: Open ‘Outlook’ in your Windows computer and go to ‘File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive or Clean up old items’

Step 2: Select ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ option and select the folder you want to archive

Step 3: Under ‘Archive items older than’ field, select and enter an appropriate date and click ‘Browse’ to provide a location for saving the achieve file and then hit ‘Ok’ button. Once done, please check if the error is resolved.

Method 6: Re-create OST file

If you are using IMAP or MAPI email account in Outlook, it means application has created a Offline Outlook Data File (OST) on your computer, and if the OST file is damaged,  you can re-create OST file in order to fix the error.

To re-create OST file offline, close ‘Outlook’ and delete OST file from your computer. You can find its location by going ‘File > Account Settings > Account Settings > Data Files’. Once deleted, launch Outlook app. This will automatically re-create OST file in your computer.

Method 7: Repair PST file

You can also try to fix the issue by repairing corrupted Outlook PST files. To do so, you can use Outlook’s inbuilt utility ‘Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe)’ tool. Launch this tool in your computer, provide the path of PST file you want to repair and click ‘Start’ button to start repair process. Once done, please check if the error is resolved.


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