How to fix chkdsk runs automatically on startup every time error?

Chkdsk.exe or Check Disk Utility is a built-in Windows utility to check for errors related to disk media and file system. People run this utility when facing problems ranging from blue screens to unable to open, save files or folders.

The chkdsk runs automatically on startup every time error occurs in case of an abrupt system shutdown or if it finds some dirty file system. There is a case that the Check Dusk Utility runs automatically with each OS reboot because you have scheduled it on or your Windows has decided to schedule its running.

But, instead of running at-once, if it continues to run on every Windows startup, certain actions should be needed to stop this operation. In this respective, we have prepared a list of solutions that you can check below.

Possible solutions for “chkdsk runs automatically on startup every time error”

Solution 1: Let it run at once completely

Running this process denotes that there is certain problem on your hard disk or computer that it is trying to fix. So, let it complete the process without interruption and this resolves the problem or it remains with the next Windows reboot.

Fix 2: Edit Windows Registry

If you notice the chkdsk runs automatically on startup every time error continues, we recommend you edit Windows Registry using the below steps:

  • Press Win+ R, type regedit and hit Enter,
  • Navigate to the below path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

  • Double-click on BootExecute string value,
  • Change the value data from autocheck autochk * /. to autocheck autochk *,
  • Click OK to confirm and see the next if the problem is resolved.

Fix 3: Cancel ChkDsk

You can cancel ChkDsk process using the below step:

  • Search for CMD on the Windows Search box,
  • Right-click on Command Prompt on the search result and hit Enter,
  • In the Command line type the below command and hit Enter:

fsutil dirty query g:

  • This command is helpful in querying a drive a getting a detail whether it is dirty,
  • Next, execute the below command: that tells Windows not to check a particular drive on the next reboot,


  • Reboot your system now and once the Windows has fully loaded, open Command Prompt again and execute the below command:

Chkdsk /f /r g:

  • It will take you through five stages of scan and will unset any dirty bit,
  • Following to this, type the below command on the command line and hit Enter:

fsutil dirty query g:

  • This is to ensure that the dirty bit is not set on that drive.

You may use chkdsk /r command or the chkdsk /f command to check for possible hardware related issues.


That’s all! We are now rounding off our article on how to fix chkdsk runs automatically on startup every time error. Hope so, these are helpful for you in getting the required fix. if none of the fixes work, make sure you run a full system scan using PC Repair Tool to check for possible Windows related issues to get their automatic fix.