Scantopcactivationapp.exe how to remove and get scantopcactivationapp not working issue fixes

If you are dealing with ScanToPCActivation app not working and receiving ScantoPCActvtionApp.exe has stopped working error message on your screen, then this article helps you to get rid of the situation by providing different possible solutions for this issue.

Little knowing ScanToPCActivationApp

ScanToPCActivationApp.exe is an executable file for ScanToPCActivationAp which is issued to Windows OS when the system is connected to HP Printer, Scanner or other devices. ScanToPCActivationApp helps the HP Digital Imaging software in verifying copy and see whether it is simulated.

It works on an online process and checks if the software is genuine or not. It also performs various other tasks depend on the users’ activation code. In printer and scanner, its function is to print, scan and delete an object.

It is not an essential Windows Operating System file and therefore if it is found is problematic for any issue within system, you can remove it. Keep reading the article to get the steps- scantopcactivationapp.exe how to remove.

When ScanToPCActivationApp not working issue occur?

Executables are undoubtedly very essential file for the application it belongs to. It ensures that the app runs smoothly within the system. If you delete it, the app might run with sluggishly and show various troubles within systems.

At the same time, executables are very risky file. Programmers can easily employ them as gateway for infiltrating targeted systems. They can easily get corrupted and that is why it is easy for them to send viruses like Trojans to the systems through spam emails and untrustworthy websites.

Because scantopcactivationap.exe is an executable, there is always a suspect that if you are using a genuine file or it is a malware that is camouflaged itself as the same file and running within the system. Following are the error messages that if you receive correspond to scantopcactivationapp.exe, this should suspect to you on the originality of the file:

  • exe has encountered a problem and needs to be loaded,
  • exe has stopped working,
  • Application Error:Scantopcactivation.exe,
  • exe is not a valid WI32 application.

In such a case, you must immediate steps on- scantopcactivationapp.exe how to remove.

Identification of threats:

Here, we have provided some of the ways through which you can identify the corrupted file within systems:

  • Problems with shutting down the system,
  • Your HP printer is showing error messages after barely initiating your system,
  • If system shuts accidentally and does not turn on when you try to do so,
  • If CPU usage gets more than 20% (the file barely used 10% CPU usage even).

Possible fixes for ScantoPCActivationapp not working issue

To get the automatic fix for the issue, we recommend you use PC Repair Tool – a tool for Windows to check for possible system based issues and provides their automatic fixes. You can download the tool from the link below.

Fix 1: Scan your system

Scanning helps in verifications of files within systems. It will clear out any corrupted files on your OS and generates a malware-free environment to your system. Here is how you can initiate the process using Command Prompt:

  • On the search bar, type cmd, right-click on Command Prompt and click on Run it as Administrator,
  • Run the below command and hit Enter:


  • Now, close the command prompt, restart the device and see if the problem is gone.

Fix 2: Clear Garbage Data

Use Windows Diagnose Tool to get rid of all trash data from within the system: These garbage data in your system might be old and because of this these data get corrupted. If trashing these data do not provide any change, move to the below step –how to disable scantopcactivationapp.

Fix 3: Disable Scantopcactivationapp

Another workaround for scantopcactivationapp not working is to completely disable the scantopcactivationapp.exe module. Here are the complete steps –scantopcactivitonapp.exe how to remove:

  • Open Task Manager and click on Startup items,
  • Navigate to Scantopcactivation.exe file and right-click on it,
  • Select ‘Disable it’ option to resolve the issue.

If scantopcactivationapp not working problem continues, move to the next method.

Fix 4: Windows configurations to fix scantopcactivationapp.exe crashes

  • Right-click on My Computer on desktop and select properties,
  • From the left, select Advanced system settings,
  • Under performance, click Settings option,
  • Click on Data Execution Prevention tab,
  • Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services option,
  • Click add and select scantopcactivationapp.exe and then click open button,
  • Confirm with OK. Restart your device the then and check if the problem is resolved.

Fix 5: Repair the OS

  • Press Win+ R to open Run Window,
  • Type in the below command and hit Enter:


Fix6: Update the Drivers

  • Right-click on the downloaded drivers and go to its properties,
  • Now, under the compatibility, select Run this program to compatibility mode,
  • Apply these settings and install the file.

That’s all! Now, we are rounding off our article. We have discussed all possible that you should try with when you are dealing with scantopcactivationapp not working, It is noteworthy to mention that you should check and make sure if the exe file correspond to the app installed with is a legit file and if it is not then you should step to- scantopcactivationapp.exe how to remove guide aforementioned.