How to fix Windows Hello PIN error 0x801c0451?

Hi dear! Currently, I am in the position where I can’t set up the PIN for the laptop. All the time, I get the windows hello pin error 0x801c0451. Please help me the way I can set up the thing rightly.  Thanks in advanced.

The Windows hello pin error 0x801c0451 occurs while users trying to setup PIN in Windows. This problem is commonly seen in Windows 10 and 11 versions. The error message disappears after system reboots but it is persistence that indicates that there is certain issue with the system.

Configuring the Windows sign-in options is needed here. The problem is that how one can do that when the issue appears persistently. The unsolved problem can lead to system crashes and even unsuspected issues, additional errors.

People encounter these issues and it is frustrating because they come out of nowhere and there are no particular causes or solutions that could be quick and successful. Sometimes, “Something went wrong, We aren’t able to set up your PIN works fine when users skip for now and do that later.

Sometimes, error 0x801c0451 occurs with the sleep mode setting alteration. This is a crucial system error that can lead to BSOD or other major damages that should encourage you to resolve the issue ASAP.

The problem occurs after the recent changes made to the system, when you just upgrade your Windows OS version or just update the Windows entirely. Turning off the sleep mode or resetting the passwords, switching user options are considered as their possible fixes.

We have provided below the detailed step-by-step troubleshoot solutions below for the said issue that would help you in getting the required fix. if you don’t want to involve with manual fixes, keep reading and we will suggest you as tool to operate the fixing process automatically.

Possible fixes for windows hello pin error 0x801c0451

Fix 1: Disable the Sleep Mode

  • On the search menu in the taskbar, type control.exe and hit Enter,
  • Set the view as Large Icons,
  • Choose Power Options,
  • Now, on the right-pane, click Change plan settings and set put computer to sleep to Never for both On battery and Plugged In options,
  • Save the changes and see the next if the problem is resolved.

Fix 2: Reset PIN

  • On the search box, type sign in options and hit Enter,
  • On the right pane, select PIN (Windows Hello) or Windows Hello PIN,
  • Click on I Forget My PIN,
  • Enter your Microsoft account’s credentials,
  • Click Continue to confirm,
  • Insert a new PIN.

Fix 3: Uninstall OS update

  • Press Win+ R, type apwiz.cpl and hit Enter,
  • Click on View Installed updates,
  • Find the KB version of your system under Microsoft Windows section,
  • Right-click on update and select uninstall,
  • Click on Uninstall again to confirm,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to get rid of the update,
  • Finally, restart your PC and check if windows hello pin error 0x801c0451 occurs again.

Fix 4: Check for recent updates

  • Press Win+ R, type in ms-settings:windowsupdate and hit Enter,
  • From the right-pane, click on Check for Updates,
  • If there is update available, install it,
  • Once installation is done, restart the device and check if the problem is now resolved.

Fix 5: Change accounts

  • Open Settings and click on Accounts,
  • Select Your Info and then click on Sign in with a local account instead,
  • Enter your Microsoft account password and click Next,
  • Give a name to your account and set a new password,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions,
  • Click on Finish option,
  • Then, sign-out and sign-back in,
  • Then, check if windows hello pin error 0x801c0451 persists.

Fix 6: Use System Restore option

  • Press Win+ S, type in Control Panel and hit Enter,
  • In the search bar, type recovery, select it and then pick Open System Restore,
  • Click Next,
  • Choose the restore point,
  • Click Next on the System restore wizard,
  • Select Finish,
  • Click Yes to confirm.

That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for Windows hello pin error 0x801c0451. Hope so, fixes mentioned here are helpful in getting the required. If none of the methods work, we recommend use PC Repair Tool to check for possible Windows related issues and get their automatic fix.