How to fix Sent Items Folder missing or not found in Outlook error?

Outlook is well known email application across the globe. By Default, it stores any shipped items or folder into sent mail whenever you send an e-mail to someone. Recently, many a user reported about an issue where the Sent Items Folder missing or not found in Outlook.

This article provides the different possible reasons why this is happening so and how you can restore the Sent items folder in Outlook. By keeping these promises, now without doing any delay further, let’s start out discussion.

Possible reasons for Sent Items Folder missing or not found in Outlook

There are many possible reasons that could lead into this issue. Some of these are:

  • Sent items’ storage space is full due to the old and unwanted messages,
  • The option to save copies of messages in the sent folder is not checked,
  • You might close the app suddenly due to which the sent email cannot be stored in the Sent Mail folder,
  • Corrupted Outlook Profile can also be the reason.

Different solutions to fix Sent Items Folder missing or not found in Outlook error

Solution 1: Remove/ Delete unwanted sent emails

In case, the sent item folder gets filled with old and unwanted messages, you need to delete these messages so as to free up the save so that the recently sent mail could present in the sent item folder now and then.

Solution 2: Enable ‘Save Copies’ option of Email in the Sent Item folder

If sent email from you is not saved in the sent items folder, this means that you have not enabled the option to save copies of the emails in the sent item folder. Below is the required step that you should follow to enable save copies of sent items:

  • Launch Outlook app,
  • Click on File and choose Option,
  • Now, click on Mail,
  • Scroll down to Save Message section and under it check the box that says Save the copies of messages in the sent items folder,
  • Hit Ok to save the changes.

Fix 3: Create an alternative folder to store sent emails

If you see Sent Items Folder missing or not found in Outlook continues, you can create or select an alternate folder to save the sent item. Here is how you can create an alternative folder:

  • Launch Outlook,
  • Click on New Email tab and go to Options,
  • Click on Save sent item to and then select Other Folder,
  • Click New in the window appears and Create a New Folder in the subsequent window,
  • Now, give a Name to the folder and then
  • Go to the Folder Contains. Choose your email and post that you want to store in that folder,
  • Then, click on OK button.

Fix 4: Clear Outlook Cache

If the problem continues, try clearing the Outlook cache and see if this works:

  • Launch Outlook,
  • Go to the Outlook Cache’s location – %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook
  • Delete Cached files,
  • Remove the auto-complete cache,
  • Finally, restart Outlook.

Fix 5: Delete Outlook Cache exchanged mode

Cache Exchange mode allows you to access emails and other tasks on Outlook. It works even when the system is not connected with the internet. It saves the files on your system hard drive in the OST file format and when this file gets oversized, it corrupts the email or sent folder. To prevent the file corruption, you should disable this option:

  • Launch Outlook and click on File option,
  • Choose Account Settings and select account,
  • Go to the Change tab and you will see Offline settings, click on it,
  • Now, uncheck the box there that says Use Cached Exchange Mode,
  • Restart Outlook and see if the problem continues.

Fix 6: Create a New Outlook Profile

If nothing works, you should have to think of the case that your Outlook profile gets corrupted and now you have to create a new Outlook Profile. Here is how to create a new Outlook Profile:

  • Launch Outlook,
  • Click on File and then click Account Settings,
  • Go to Manage Profiles section,
  • When the Mail Setup dialogue box appears, select Show Profile,
  • Click on Prompt for a profile to be sued and now click Ok,
  • When Add Account dialogue box appears, enter your name, email-id and your password to create a new profile and then click Next,
  • Close and Restart the Outlook once done.

Now, you have to remove the corrupt file. For this, click on File on Outlook and select Account Settings. Locate Manage Profile> Show Profile, select the profile you want to delete and finally click on Remove button.


That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for Sent Items Folder missing or not found in Outlook. Hope so, these method are helpful for you in the required fix. If the problem persists, use PC Repair Tool –an automatic tool to check for Windows related issues and eradicate them.