How to fix Netflix screen flickering Windows 10?

In this article, we will provide you the fix for the issue Netflix screen flickering Windows 10. You will find different troubleshoot for the issue and definitely get to know the cause. With that promise, without doing any delay, let’s get started!

When your Windows 10 screen constantly flickers, you should look for some problematic application installed inside or unsuitable display driver. You might notice that the problem began after upgrading the Windows from a previous version of the operating system.

However, there could be other reasons possible causing the issue. We are going to provide you different methods now that you should apply to fix Netflix screen flashing Windows 10 issue. But, before that, we recommend you once use PC Repair Tool to look for possible PC related issues and eradicate them.

The tool is capable of fixing the issues caused due to corrupted system files, EXEs or DLLs errors, and problems with registry and so on. You will get an automatic fix for the said issue if the problem is the system itself. Here is its direct download link.

Possible fixes for Netflix screen flickering Windows 10

Very first, you should need to establish what is causing the flickering issue on your Windows. For that, press Ctrl+ Shift +Esc simultaneously to open Task Manager and watch your screen to see if the Task Manager flickers.

If it does, this means the problem is likely to be with the hardware or faulty display driver. On the other hand, if everything except Task Manager flickers, the issue is likely due to the app, which is Netflix in the case.

Uninstalling the problematic app is the right solution in the latter case. If it is the former, follow the rest of the fixes provided below than uninstalling the problematic applications:

 Fix 1: Check Your Monitor and Cables

Very first thing you should have to rule out is the hardware. Check all the cable connections from your Monitor and Computer – take them out and plug-in back to make sure they are secure. If you are having spare Monitor cable, look for its replacement.

The cable may degrade over time and there switch the cable and see if flickering issue not stops. If you can, try different Monitor. This might help you in getting the fix. The trick is that your Monitor might have the issue.

Fix 2: Set the Correct Refresh Rate

The monitor’s refresh rate tells at what speed the screen updates the image per second. It is measured in hertz. Usually, monitors handle a refresh rate of 60Hz only, while more advanced ones that are aimed for gamers can go up to 360 Hz.

It is important for you to check for the refresh rate as sometimes a monitor manufacturer supports an over-clocked refresh rate that results in Netflix screen flickering Windows 10. Here is how you canset a suitable refresh rate for your monitor and get its fix thereby:

  • Press Win+ I top open Settings,
  • Click on System> Display,
  • Go to Advanced Display Settings,
  • Now, under the Refresh rate drop down, select the lower rates till the screen flashing stops.

If the flashing continues, revert to your monitor’s recommended refresh rate.

Fix 3: Reset Your Display Driver

The Windows 10 screen flashing issue could be caused due to outdated display driver or when the driver is faulty. You should make sure that you are running a right display driver:

  • Press Win+ I to open Settings,
  • Click on Update & Security> Recovery,

  • Go to the Advanced startup and select Restart Now,
  • Once the system restarts, go to Troubleshoot> Advanced Settings> Startup Settings> Restart,
  • Once restarted, select the option that says Safe Mode with Networking,
  • Next, press Win+ X and click on Device Manager,
  • Double-click on Display Adapters and expand the category,
  • Right-click on your graphics card, click on Uninstall Device,
  • Check the Delete the driver software for this device and then click OK,

  • Restart your device again,
  • To install the latest driver, press Win+ I to open Settings,
  • Click on Update & Security and click on Check for Updates.

Alternatively, you can visit the graphics card’s manufacturer website and manually download the driver from there. Also, you can download and install the display driver using an automatic drive updating tool, whose link to download is provided below.

Fix 4: Roll back to an Older Driver

If the problem continues, try rolling back to the older version as the Netflix screen flicking Windows 10 issue could occur after a driver update. Follow the same steps as stated above to uninstall the driver. Then, go to the driver page for your display driver and install the one that does not show flicking issue.

Fix 5: Reseat your Graphics card

Check if your graphics card is seated properly on the motherboard. You can easily do this if your motherboard has inbuilt graphics. Remove the monitor cable from your graphics card and plug-in it into your motherboard’s display slot.

If Netflix screen flickering Windows 10 stops on doing that, then the graphics card is the problem. Power off your PC, unplug everything, open each case and remove your graphics card. Then, carefully reseat it, making it ensure that it clips firmly onto the motherboard. Contact the manufacturer if this does not provide you the fix.

Fix 6: Uninstall Problematic Apps

Some apps are incompatible with Windows 10 and due to which flickering or flashing screen issue occurs. Recall if you installed any new software before or after the flashing issue occurs. This is the problematic app that you have to uninstall. To uninstall a program:

  • Press Win+ I to open Settings,
  • Click on Apps & Apps & features,
  • Click Sort by and choose Installation date,
  • Click on the offending app and then click Uninstall.

You can look for the option of updating it as the problem might occur because of certain bugs in the app whose fix is already available in the upcoming update.

Fix 7: Create a New Windows User Profile

If Netflix screen flickering Windows 10 remains, we recommend you create a new user profile. It is surprising that this trick works for many users dealing with this issue:

  • Press Win+ I to open Settings,
  • Click on Account> Family & other usage,
  • Click on Add someone else to this PC and follow the on-screen instructions.

That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for Netflix screen flickering Windows 10. Hopefully, one of the steps above has solved the problem for you. Comment down below in the comment section if you have any queries, questions and suggestions regarding the post.