How to fix instruction at referenced memory could not be read error?

The instruction at referenced memory could not be read error occurs when users try to launch an app connected to the internet. Various reasons possible for the “The Instruction at 0x00*** referenced memory at 0x00**** The memory could not be written” error include:

  • Problems with BIOS
  • Motherboard issue
  • Outdated or corrupted graphics/ sound drivers,
  • Incorrect Nvidia Settings,
  • Interference between the apps running in the background and the app you try to run,
  • Corrupted system files
  • Virus infection and so on.

Below are the possible fixes that you should try to get the required fix. You will find some of the manual steps as well as automatic methods to get rid of the issue, depend upon the situation:

Possible fixes for instruction at referenced memory could not be read

If you are running various problems with your operating systems, including the topic under discussion, it is highly advised to run a full system scan using PC Repair Tool. It will serve as an automatic tool to fix the issue under discussion. It can run and check the system files that get damaged, corrupted, affected. Here is its direct download link.

We have a recommendation of using an automatic tool for the driver update as well. Although the manual steps for this method is available, it is cumbersome to use such methods if there is an automatic tool as alternative available through you can do this with an ease. Here is the automatic driver updating tool for you:

Fix 1: Run Clean boot of the system  

The problems with damaged file in the registry or boot folders will be fixed by clean booting the system. Here are the steps you should follow to perform clean boot in Windows 10:

  • Press Windows and type System Configuration,
  • Navigate to Services tab and mark Hide All Microsoft Services and click ‘Disable all’ option,
  • Next to this, go to the startup section, click on Task Manager,
  • Select all the entries over there and click Disable option,
  • Exit Task Manager and return to the startup section again to end up the processes by clicking Ok button.

Fix 2: Change the Nvidia Control Panel Settings

This method is for those users who are receiving instruction at referenced memory could not be read issue while opening a video game:

  • Open the Nvidia Control Panel and go to the Manage 3D settings under the 3D settings,
  • Go to the Programs Settings and select the problematic app,
  • In the opened window, you will see option select the preferred graphics processor for this program,
  • Choose integrated graphic card and apply changes.

This solution might not be valid as the  graphics-intensive tasks might not run on the integrated graphics properly.

Fix 3: Download and update .NET Framework

Reinstating Microsoft .NET Framework provides the solution for many. Go to the official Microsoft Site and download it and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Move to our next solution, if the problem continues.

Fix 4: Update Drivers

If outdated drivers are the reason for the problematic, perform the below steps to update it:

  • Right-click on Start and select Device Manager,
  • Expand the Display adapters option,
  • Right-click on your graphics and select Update Drivers,
  • Select Search automatically for updated driver software,
  • Install the update available and restart the device once the process is complete.

Fix 5: Change the BIOS settings and motherboard hardware

Modified BIOS settings or expired CMOS battery might be faulty and due to this you are receiving instruction at referenced memory could not be read issue. Visit the homepage of your motherboard manufacturer for more detailed guide on hardware renewal and drivers’ update.

Fix 6: Run SFC scan

SFC scans check for possible corrupted system files for their replacements:

  • Type Command Prompt in the search box,
  • Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator,
  • Type sfc/scannow and hit Enter,
  • Let the scan to complete. The tool will find and fix the error automatically.

Fix 7: Uninstall the recently download apps

New apps you install might have several bugs due to which you are receiving instruction at referenced memory could not be read. The best decision you would take in such a case is to uninstall that app and see the then if this provides you the fix.

Fix 8: Reset system

If none of the methods work and you still receive the error under discussion, you should step to perform system reset. You can access this option by typing the system reset in the file explorer or after clicking the start button> recovery with an option system recovery and advanced startup settings.


That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for instruction at referenced memory could not be read. Hopefully, these methods help you in getting the error fix. Regarding any doubt you have with steps, contact us from below comment section.