How to fix hyperlinks not working in outlook 365?

In a Microsoft Outlook or any such product, when you click on a hyperlink presented in, it will open in the default browser which is the Edge web browser. However, as per the recent report, it fails to open in any Microsoft product on Windows 10/11.

This typically indicates that the default association to open the link in a browser is broken. The problem may also happen when you are using older version of the Outlook or when you removed the Internet Explorer. In that case, you would encounter the below messages:

  • This operation has been canceled due to restrictions
  • Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you.

In this article, we will provide you the best possible that you should in the case when you dealing with hyperlinks not working in outlook 365 to gets the required fix. Follow the solutions and get fix for the said issue.

Possible fixes for hyperlinks not working in outlook 365

Fix 1: Restore File Association defaults for Outlook and Edge

  • In the Windows Settings, go to the Settings>Apps> Default Programs,
  • Under the browser, click on whatever is the default and set Microsoft Edge as your default browser,
  • Next, switch to Outlook and click on any look to check if it opens in Edge. Close Edge browser now,
  • Then, open default browser again and change the default browser again from the browser option,
  • Open any link now and it will open in the default browser of your choice.

The trick is to fix what is broken by changing the settings. Usually, there is a registry entry in it and the above steps would help you in getting rid of the problem with the registry.

Fix 2: Export and Import the registry key from another computer

Use the computer that does not show hyperlinks not working in outlook 365 and import the registry settings from it to the computer having this problem:

  • Open Registry Editor Window and navigate to the below address:


  • Right-click on the Command folder and select Export,
  • Save the file with a name of your choice,
  • Next, copy the Registry file into the problematic computer,
  • Double-click on it so as it will merge the entry into that computer registry,
  • Alternatively, go the same location on that computer and check if the value is same as:

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE” %1

  • Try to open a link on Outlook and see if now you are able to open the link in Outlook email or not.

Fix 3: Reset Edge settings

Many users reported about the issue get the required just by resetting the Edge Settings. When you reset, you will lose the startup page, new tab page, search engine, pinned tabs and etc. it will also disable all extensions installed and the temporary data such as cookies. Also, the favorites, histories and the passwords will be cleared. Here is how to reset Edge:

  • Open Edge browser and go to the edge://settings/reset,
  • Click on Restore Settings to the default values,
  • Confirm the action on the opened window.

Fix 4: Repair Office

If you still encounter hyperlinks not working in outlook 365, you might have to repair Microsoft Office or the Office installation:

  • Right-click on the Start button and select Apps and Features,
  • Click on Microsoft Office product that you want to repair and select Modify,
  • You will have Office Repair Options on the screen:
  • Quick Repair option will fix most of the issue without the need of internet connection,
  • On the other hand, Online Repair option will fix all the issues but take a little longer time. Also, you require an internet connection in this case.

That’s all! We are now ending up the article how to fix hyperlinks not working in outlook 365. Hope so, the methods provided are helpful for you in getting the required fix. if not, use PC Repair Tool to check for the Windows related issues and get their automatic repair.