How to fix hidclass.sys error blue screen windows 10?

HIDCLASS.SYS is a system driver file belongs to your Windows.  HID in the filename refers HUMAN INTERFACE DEVICE, which is responsible for translating any keyboard, Mouse and other input devices.  You might be unable to print out a document and receive the hidclass.sys error blue screen of death in turns if you are dealing with hidclass.sys error windows 10.

Don’t be panic! The fixes for this BSOD issue is possible. In this article, we will provide you different solutions that help you in resolving the issue. Not only with the manual suggestions, we help you with providing you some professional solutions as well, where you all need to do is just employ a tool that can deal with the issue. With that said, let’s begin!

Hidclass.sys error blue screen

As already sad, HIDCLASS.SYS is a crucial system driver file responsible for connecting different kinds of input devices over the systems. It functions range from translating the keyboard and mouse inputs to letting the word processor access the printer to print documents. This file comes under the category of kernel-mode device drivers. Thus, in case you encounter the hidclass.sys error windows 10, this results in STOP error.

Below is the list of the STOP errors related to the HIDCLASS.SYS file:


The fixes for this issue are straightforward and simple. Check below the possible fixes.

Fixes for hidclass.sys error blue screen

Below are the fixes for BSODs with hidclass.sys are provided for you. Make sure you firstly boot your system into Safe Mode with Networking and then move to these steps:

Fix 1: Check for update, rollback or disable drivers on system

 There could be incompatibility issue between your OS and the drivers in use. Updating, rolling back the drivers would be effective in that case to resolve hidclass.sys error windows 10 issue, Here are the required steps:

  • Press Win+ X to open Device Manager,
  • Locate the device drivers come under the keyboard, Mouse, USB and HID drivers,
  • Right-click on them and select properties,
  • Go to the Drivers tab, and click on Uninstall,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete its un-installation,
  • Now, restart your computer, it will reinstall the driver automatically.

You can manually download and install the dedicated driver on your system directly from the website of the manufacturer. Also, you can use various automatic driver updating tools for the same. Here is the link of one such automatic driver updating tool for you:

Fix 2: Run System file checker

If hidclass.sys error blue screen continues, check if system files corruption not leads to the issue. SFC checker is a built-in command utility tool we use for this purpose. It will not only check for the corrupted system files but will find their automatic replacement as well:

  • Type cmd on the search box and then, right-click on the appropriate search result,
  • Now, select Run As Administrator option to open Command Prompt as Admin,
  • After this, type in sfc/snannow on the command line and hit Enter.

That’s it. The command will start a system scan and will provide the required fixes.

 Fix 3: Run ChkDsk Utility

Sometimes, running ChkDsk resolves many BSODs. This could help you fix hidclass.sys error blue screen. To run this tool, refer the below steps:

  • Open This PC and right-click on the OS partition for Windows,
  • Go to properties section and navigate to the Tools tab,
  • Under it, select Error Checking and click on Check,
  • On a new mini window appears, click Scan drive option,
  • Let the scanning process complete. It will show you the disk drive partition for any errors.

Fix 4: Try checking Memory for errors

If the issue hidclass.sys error windows 10 persists use the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool to check if the memory related issue is causing this trouble:

  • Press Win+ R, type in mdsched.exe and hit Enter,
  • Select from Restart now and check for problems (Recommended) and Check for problems the next time I start my computer- the two options appear on the next page,
  • As per the selection made, your computer will restart and check for the memory based issues.

That’s all! We have provided all possible methods that you can try to resolve hidclass.sys error windows 10 issue. The above solutions are prepared on the basis on common observance. There could be other Windows issues causing the trouble that is harder to detect. So, if none of the methods solve the issue, we recommend you use PC Repair Tool, the automatic tool to find and delete Windows related issues. Here is its direct download.