How to fix DS4 Windows Could Not Open Windows 10?

Several users have recently reported about DS4 Windows Could Not Open Windows 10 on various security forums. If you are the one dealing with this problem, we recommend you close all the apps and reconnect the DS$ controller and see if this helps.

Recent Windows update might be another reason why DS4 Windows could not open exclusively. For some users get the required simply by tweaking the firewall settings for it could be the main culprit. You can check the below post for the more detailed troubleshooting steps.

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Jays2kings developed D4Windows is a great tool to play PC games while using DualShock4. Undoubtedly, it serves as the best controller to pay games in excusive mode. However, there is a limitation that recently many people have reported about issue that DS4 Windows can’t open.

Error message failed to enable exclusive mode could appear on the Windows screen because of an issue regarding connection between DS4Windows tool and other applications arises when you do not met specific requirements. Check the below stepwise guides to fix the irritable error:

Possible fixes for DS4 Windows Could Not Open Windows 10

Fix 1: Manually download appropriate drivers

Download the latest version of the InputMapper HIDGuaradian drivers from its official website. Once you download it, click on the run button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. Alternatively, you can use automatic driver updating tool to download the latest driver version of the inPutMappper HIDGuardian. Here is its direct download link.

Fix 2: Change the properties of the controller from Registry Editor

Your first step would be to find the Hardware IDs. For that, click on Start, type Control Panel and hit Enter. Now, navigate to Hardware & Sounds>Devices & Printers, right-click on Wireless Controller and go to its properties. From the Hardware tab on the page appears, go to the Device Functions, choose HID-Complaint Game Controller and click on properties. In the Details tab, within Property, you will find Hardware IDs. Click on it, copy the first three strings of text in a notepad file and then go to the below steps to modify the registry:

  • Right-click on the Start button and click on Run,
  • In the Run box, type regedit and hit Enter,
  • Go to the below path:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HidGuardian\Parameters
  • Right-click on the Affected Devices and then select Modify option,
  • Paste the 3 string code you copied in the Value box at the top making sure to paste 1 code per line and the last line is left blank,
  • Click Ok to save the changes and then restart the computer. Once system reboots, your DualShock 4 should be in exclusive mode.

Fix 3: Make sure all connections are allowed

If DS4 Windows Could Not Open Windows 10 continues, make sure that all connections are allowed:

  • Go to the Settings and click on Update & Security,
  • Choose Windows Security on the left and click on Open Windows Security on the right pane,
  • Now, click on Firewall & network protection and then click to Allow an app or service through firewall,
  • In the page appears the next, locate DS4Windows and make sure that all connections are allowed, incoming as well as outgoing,
  • Save the settings and exit and see the next if DS4Windows is working in exclusive mode.

Fix 4: Uninstall the latest Windows Updates

If you encounter DS4 Windows Could Not Open Windows 10 just after performing Windows update, then this update might be the problem. You should consider uninstalling it:

  • Go to the Settings from Start menu,
  • Click on Update & Security,
  • Click on Windows Update and then click on View Update History,
  • From the top of the window, click on Uninstall Updates, right-click on the latest release and then click Uninstall option,
  • Once the process is complete, restart your PC.

That’s all! We are now rounding off this article on how to fix DS4 Windows Could Not Open Windows 10. Hope so, these fixes are helpful for you in resolving the problem. Comment down below in case of any queries, questions and suggestions regarding the post.