How to fix can’t click anything on desktop windows 10?

Nowadays, mice are advanced. They have their own drivers and updaters. This means that their functioning can get affected because of drivers’ issues such as mouse driver missing or damaged. This might consequence in can’t click anything on desktop windows 10.

Though the problem could occur when the Windows Explorer has crashed or if you have old Windows build installed that runs with numerous bugs and glitches. In this article, we have listed some possible troubleshoot tips for this issue that you can go through and apply to get the problem resolved. Check them.

Possible fixes for can’t click anything on desktop windows 10

Fix 1: Restart the explorer.exe process

If the route cause if the problem under investigation is the Windows Explorer getting crashed or frozen, ending and restating the explorer.exe process will be effective in getting rid of the issue:

  • Press Ctrl +Shift +Esc to open Task Manager,
  • In the Task Manager, press Tab key till a process is select,
  • Now, select Windows Explorer using down arrow key,
  • Now, use Shift + F10 that works as right-click and use the down arrow to select End Task option,
  • Click Enter to end exploer.exe task,
  • Once doing that, press Win+ R, type explorer.exe and hit Enter to re-launch Windows Explorer,
  • Now, use your mouse and see if can’t click anything on desktop windows 10 issue is gone.

Fix 2: Check your keyboard for the issue

Faulty keyboard keys could be responsible for right-click and left-click actions of your mice not working. Check if there is any broken key or long hold keys that are pressed without your knowledge. You may also look for the option to completely unplug the keyboard and restart your computer to see if the mouse starts working. If the mouse works in the absence of keyboard, this is the definite case of keyboard’s keys are faulty.

Fix 3: Check for pending Windows Update

Some of the older Windows 10 version is known to have the mouse-clicking not working issue. You should update it and see if this provides you the fix for can’t click anything on desktop windows 10 issue:

  • Press Windows key, and type Update,
  • Use the Arrow key and open Check for Updates,
  • Navigate in the Windows Update window using tab key and select Download Updates and hit Enter,
  • Windows will download and install the pending Windows 10 update.

Fix 4: Check your mouse and third party software

This method works only when the mice are working. If it is not, unplug the mouse and connect a secondary mouse to your computer. Right-click on any app or the desktop using this mouse and if you find that it is working, you may need to replace your device with a new one.

If you have installed certain third party app to customize your mouse or keyboard, it might impact on the pointing device and as a result you see can’t click anything on desktop windows 10. Close any such apps from the Task Manager. Disconnect and reconnect the mouse the then and check if this resolves the issue.

Fix 5: Perform System Restore

If none of the methods work, we recommend you use system restore and move to previous state where this issue was not the problem for you:

  • Press Windows key and type restore,
  • Select Create a restore point and hit Enter,
  • In the System Properties, press tab key to select System Restore and hit Enter,
  • Select Recommended to restore and then Tab key again and select Next and hit Enter,
  • Finally, click on Finish option.
  • Use an older Restore Point if System Restore is not successful.

That’s all! We have provided all possible fixes for can’t click anything on desktop windows 10. Hope so, these methods are really worthy. In case of any doubt in the steps mentioned in any method, you can comment down below the comment section to get the clearance.

If none of the methods work, you should use PC Repair Tool. It is an automatic tool to look for Windows related issues to provide their automatic fix. it works in most of the cases where the problem occurs due to system files corruption.